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Jade & Ted

Being a first time dog owner, I had no idea what to expect when it came to grooming. I was hesitant to take my pup to a large company such as PetCo or PetSmart, so I decided to try out Fluffy Puppy. This was my first time ever taking my dog to the groomers. Luckily enough, I had the most warm and friendly welcome upon walking into the store for the first time. Since then, I have never thought about going to a different groomer. The Fluffy Puppy team genuinely cares about the wellness of my dog and takes their time perfecting their work. Fluffy Puppy will always be my first and only choice when getting my dog groomed! 


Alex & korra

Fluffy Puppy Pet Grooming has provided me with the best and most reliable service for keeping my pup clean! The environment here provides a safe space for newcomers and the workers are so nice! Korra always has a positive experience when coming here and the employees here truly care about her, making it the easiest choice when I need her groomed. When I first came here and told them her fear of loud blowers, they had no issue in using alternative methods to make her feel safe. They do a fantastic job on her nails and she always comes out smelling amazing! My dad is always happy to see her afterwards and cuddles with her because she smells so good! Don’t hesitate to bring your pup here! 


Janet, Steve & Winston

“Fluffy Puppy is the best grooming salon we’ve ever been to.  Our sweet Winston is 15 years old now; and Fluffy Puppy takes  there time with him to make sure he doesn’t get too worn out when being groomed.  If  Winston is getting tired, he even takes a break so he can rest.  I’ve never known a more caring and careful grooming salon, who really looks out for the best interests of the dog.  Winston comes home happy and beautifully groomed every time.  We’ve found our ‘forever grooming salon’ and can highly recommend the services at Fluffy Puppy.”

- Steve & Janet Preston

Collen & Oliver

Thank you at Fluffy Puppy in Pasadena!!!!! You bring smiles to our home especially when this guy (Oliver) comes home looking like this!!!! He is truly a happy “fluffy puppy!” The service you provide is top notch! It’s extremely comforting walking in and being greeted so warmly. Oliver loves going to Fluffy Puppy and playing with his friends too!!!! Oliver can’t wait fir his next visit!!!! 

Colleen C. Tripp

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