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Grooming Packages  

Small- $75
Medium- $95
Large- $125
Extra Large-$160

Includes: Bath, Haircut, Nails trim and file, Teeth brushing, Ear cleaning and Anal glands (upon request)


Add on Services and Fees
De-matting Fee $20 Per30min.
Extra Brushing $20 Per30min.
Express Service $20
Especial Handling $25
Tidy up(Bath add  on) $15
Pelt Removal $20

De-skunk Treatment $25
Flea Treatment $25


Bath Packages 

Extra Large-$100

Includes: Bath, Nails trim and file, Teeth brushing and Anal glands (Upon request)
NO trimming include it.

Single Series
Nail Care $25
Gland Care $20
Teeth Care $20
Ear Care$20

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